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I am 34 years old and I am pursuing diploma in .net technlogies from NIIT. I am from BPO background and I am changing the field as I am not able to work in shifts and no growth even after 5 years.
As you may know niit does not provide job placement assistance, please let me know the possible ways to get a first job in .net and how to remove a freshers tag so that I can get job.Are there any internship of projects I can work on. I have done bsc it correspondence.


Sainath's Advice on Saturday, June 14, 2014 :

Programming is a skill based field - your past experience cannot count in IT as you will be judged on your coding skillls. But that doesn't mean you cannot make a start - you will need to commence in the field by working in small companies, in fact you may need to struggle in the 1st 3 years. But please do not feel disheartened - once you build your coding skills it has a compounding effect i.e. you build skill upon the previously acquired skill. Over time,one can get pretty good at it if logical thinking is your asset. But you will need to start small.

There are some open source projects on www.codeplex.com, you can work on the same to showcase your skills.

By the way, Chad Fowler started as a saxophonist and is now one of the leading authorities in the field, with no formal training in computer engineering, talk about an initial advantage.

Sainath Sherigar,

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