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List out the various Data transformation activities of Data Factory

- Hive Activity
- Pig Activity
- MapReduce Activity
- Hadoop Streaming Activity
- Machine Learning Activity
- Stored Procedure Activity
- Data Lake Analytics U-SQL Activity
- Custom Activity using DotNet
- Copy Activity
Purpose of Linked Service in Data Factory

Linked services provided the external resources connectivity information to Data Factory . It serves two main purpose:

a) To represent a data store
b) To represent a compute resource

A typical linked service for Azure Storage is

"name": "AzureStorageLinkedService",
"properties": {
"type": "AzureStorage",
"description": "",
"typeProperties": {
"connectionString": "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=<accountname>;AccountKey=<accountkey>"

What is the purpose of Dataset in Data Factory?

Linked services link data stores to an Azure data factory. Datasets represent data structures with in the data stores.
The below is a linked service created for a AzureSqlDatabase

"name": "AzureSqlLinkedService",
"properties": {
"hubName": "rnadf_hub",
"type": "AzureSqlDatabase",
"typeProperties": {
"connectionString": "Data,1433;Initial Catalog=xxxx;Integrated Security=False;User ID=xxx@yyyy;Password=**********;Connect Timeout=30;Encrypt=True"

The corresponding DataSet for an AzureSQLTable will be

"name": "InsertStudentDS",
"properties": {
"published": false,
"type": "AzureSqlTable",
"linkedServiceName": "AzureSqlLinkedService",
"typeProperties": {
"tableName": "tblStudent"
"availability": {
"frequency": "Hour",
"interval": 1

We can figure out that the Dataset picks up the information from the Linked Service from the property
"linkedServiceName": "AzureSqlLinkedService"
Explain the purpose of ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg file

This service provides the configuration file for the cloud service and it contains settings for the roles. This file contains the information for the number of instances for the service. Whenever we want to increase the number of instances of the role this configuration is required for changing the instances.
Explain in brief the purpose of ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg file

This service provides the configuration file for the local services. Whenever we want changes in the number of instances for the role in the local services, this file is required for changing the instance.
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