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Which is the suitable and efficient data structure to create a tree?

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What is the use of CEILING function in ORACLE?

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The CEILING function does the opposite of FLOOR function. It returns the smallest integer greater than the value you specify.



It will output 401.

NOTE:- It rounds up the non-integer number to the next highest value. If you enter negative value, it will return the lower absolute value.


It will output -400.

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What is XSLT?

XSLT Stads for XSL Transformation and XSL is Extensible Style Sheet Language.
XSL is used for XMl document to provide styles sheet.
URL is Composed of?

(1) Protocol (like http, ftp etc )
(2) IP Address / Domain Name
(3) Name and relative path of the file

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Full form of URL ?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locators generally we call an application with this name !!
Which is called as "Soroban"?

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How a pointer stores address?

A pointer is a variable which stores address of other variable. Pointer only stores the first byte of address and then we can find upcoming bytes according to the size of the variable.

For example if a variable of integer type is being accessed by a pointer. So the pointer will only store the first byte of the address and as integer datatype takes two bytes memory the next byte of address location can be find out by adding 1 to the first byte of the address.

COM-Component Object Model
IDL-Interface Definition Language.
GUID-Globally Unique Identifier.
DNA-Distributed internet application Architecture.
MSMQ-Microsoft Message Queue
MTS-Microsoft Transaction Server.
UDA-Universal Data Access.
IIS-Internet Information Server.
ISA-Internet Security and Acceleration
NLB-Network Load Balance.
what you meant by COM?

COM is not a programming language but is a set of specification for developing object oriented distributed application.

COM components have the following advantages.
1. Language Independent.
2. Supports version compatibility.
3. Provides location transparency.
What is HRESULT?

HRESULT IS 32-bit number providing information to the client about the status of the function call. The status could be either a success or a failure.
Which Command is used for viewing the windows registry contents? Mention some of the registry keys?

REGEDIT.EXE is the command used for viewing the registry contents. Some of the registry keys are follows.

What you mean by Presentation Logic, Business Logic, Data Tier?

Presentation Logic - The Presentation Logic is the part of the application that is concerned with displaying different screens to the users.

Business Logic - is the actual logic that is used for incorporating business rules into the application.

Data Tier - The Data Tier implements the database management services.
How do you set an example as a Team Leader to your Team Members?

The answer to this question is simple in my opinion.

I cannot ask my Team members to put in extra effort when I myself have a lax attitude towards work. I need to work hard myself to desire significant contribution from my team members/colleagues ( i.e. this acts as motivating factor). Along with this my behavior and conduct has to express dignity in every possible way.

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How do you plan and start your work day?

I am a not very organised person but I always try to plan my day. I believe in the saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

As soon as I reach my office, I prepare a To-Do LIST and mark the important ones in Red. I strike them off one by one as I complete working on them. At the end of the day when I leave office I make sure that all the items in the To-Do List are struck off.

Secondly, I try to prioritize my work in such a way that dependencies are removed at the earliest and the work is completed in the shortest time possible.

Tasks which may take more time should be picked up first and then the smaller ones as they provide you the flexibility to accommodate them anywhere ( i.e. this is the funda followed from our school days exams).

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Give the Expansion of WSDL, JSON, DSML, PNRP, WPF, WCF, WWF, LINQ

WSDL - Web Services Description Language
JSON - JavaScript Object Notation
DSML - Directory Service Markup Language
PNRP- Peer Name Resolution Protocol
WPF - Windows Presentation foundation
WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
WWF - Windows Workflow Foundation
LINQ - Language Integrated Query
What is Add-Ins?

Add-Ins is a facility to add functionality to an application in later time. It is also known as add-on or plug-in controls, most of the application such as Internet Explorer and Visual studio users this facility to provide extra facilities that doesn't comes out of the box.
What is XCopy?

XCopy command is an advanced version of the copy command used to copy or move the files or directories from one location to another location (including locations across networks). It excludes the hidden and system files.
What is the purpose of a bootstrapper application?

A bootstrapper erases the installation of the various required components for an application. It provides a simple, automated way for detecting, downloading, and installing applications and their required components. It also detects whether a component is supported to a particular operating system or not.
A simple concatination example of string column with an arbiturary string in Oracle. Or Which operator in oracle is used to concatinate string column with an arbiturary string.

The purpose of this question make the user aware of the operator to be used in Oracle, which is different than MS SQL's '+' operator for the same purpose.

The example of this operator is :

select 'Student Name' || STD_NM from tblStudents

the operator '||' is used for this purpose.

CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture.
RMI - Remote Method Invocation.
RPC - Remote Procedure Calls.
SDL - Service Description Language.
IDL - Interface Description Language.
NASSL - Network Accessible Specification Language.
WDS - Well Defined Service Document .
UCS - Universal Character Set.
UTF - Universal Character Set Transformation Format.
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