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What are the commonly used frequency bands for VSAT communication?

The commonly used frequency bands for VSAT communication arr,
Extended C-band(XC-band)
What is an IP address?

An IP address is a 32 bit number that uniquely defines a host on a TCP/IP network. Host may be a computer or any other device such as Printer.

IP addresses are normally expressed in doted decimal format with four numbers separated by periods such as,
What is subnet mask?

A subnet mask is a 32 bit number like IP address and is also expressed in dotted decimal format. It defines which part of the IP address refer to network address and which to node address.

Each of the classes of IP address used for address assignment has a standard subnet mask associated with it. The default subnet masks are as follow,
Class A ----
Class B ----
Class C ----

The default subnet masks are used when the network does not have any subnet.

N.B:- 0 in the subnet mask represent the node ID and 1(255) represents network ID.

Example:-> Class A IP
| ------->Subnet mask

Here N/W ID is 92 and node ID is 134.56.26
In an IP address can a network ID be 127?

No, a network ID can't be 127. Because 127 is not assigned to any IP address classes. It is reserved.
What are different switching methods used by a switch to send data?

Switch adopts two methods for sending data,

Cut Through Switching:-
In this method of switching data frames are send to the destination computer without error and integrity checking.

Store and Forward Switching:-
In this method the switch sends the data frames after receiving all the frames well as after error and integrity checking.
What is a Passive Hub?

Passive hub is a type of hub that do not provide the amplification of signals.

These hub also do not require any external electrical supply.
ST connectors or SMA connectors are used with which type of cable?

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What is datagram in a TCP/IP network?

At the network layer of TCP/IP model the data unit created is called the 'datagram '.
What are the factors that affect the performance of NIC?

The following factors affect the performance of NIC,
Bus Speed :- It depends on ISA or PCI slot. PCI has higher speed.
Memory :- More the memory, better the performance.
Memory Access Method :- DMA is faster than I/O method.
Synchronisation and Recovery in OSI model happens in which layer?

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How session layer in OSI model is responsible for Synchronisation and recovery?

Session layer creates certain check points while transmitting volumes of data in a sequence. When there is a problem in the transmission in the middle of any bulk of data, transmission will take place from the check point where it was left. This function of Session layer is called Synchronisation and recovery.
Which layer of OSI reference model is responsible for 'Encryption & Decryption' and 'Compression & Decompression'?

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By default, which TCP/IP port number do these applications run on? a) Sql Server b) HTTP c) HTTPS

a)In Sql Server - 1433
b)In HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) - 80
c)HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) - 443
Generally IP addresses are converted into ?

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What is Synchronous Communication?

In this mode of communication ,

When the server is processing a particular client that means if it is receiving and sending the information to that particular client , another client cannot acess the server at the same time . Since the server will be blocked on the first client. Hence it is not suitable in real world applciations because, mostly these days applications should process multiple clients at a time.Which is not the case here.
What is Asynchronous Communication ?

In this communication
The server can access multiple clients at a time.When one server is processing a particular client then if any other client tries to access then a seperate thread at OS level is raised on the socket and that will invoke a call back function. Now this call back fucntion raises a Socket event which will process the request which was given by the other client.Hence we can make multiple clients to access a single server.
What is a Socket Class?

Generally a Socket class provides a set of Synchronous and Asynchronous methods for the Synchronous and Asynchronous mode of communication.

We can get this using a namespace called

What are the different metods present in Socket Class?

There are 2 different type of methods present in Socket Class they are :

Synchronous Methods and Asynchronous Methods

In .Net Naming conventions all the ASynchronous Methods names are created by prefixing the words 'Begin' or 'End' to the names of Synchronous Methods

That is

Synchronous Methods :

(a) Connect()
(b) Receive()

ASynchronous Methods :

(a) BeginConnect() and EndConnect()
(b) BeginReceive() and EndReceive()
How to get the IP address of the Client System ?

By using following code in the Code-Behind file we can get the IP adderss of a client system on which the application is running.

string MyClientAddress = HttpContext.Current.Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_ADDR"];        

Response.Write("IP Address of my client system is ---"+MyClientAddress);

What is public IP address?

A public IP address is an address leased from an ISP that allows or enables direct Internet communication.
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