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What is Black box testing ?

Testing the functionality part of the application with out seeing the structural part of the application is called black box testing.This type of testing will preform in the front end application.
What is Grey box Testing?

This method of testing is performed on both functional and structural part of the application.Generally black box test engineers who has the knowledge of structural part will perform this type of testing.
What is the need of white box testing before doing black box testing ?

To prevent maximum number of defects and save the time. To increase minimum guarantee in such a way that black box testing can use the application.
What is the need of black box testing after doing white box testing ?

To test over all functionalities as whole user prospective.
To check the user friendly of the application and to check look and feel of the application.
To perform end to end user testing.
What is unit level testing ?

the most 'micro' scale of testing to test particular functions or code modules. Typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. Not always easily done unless the application has a well-designed architecture with tight code; may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.
What is module testing ?

It is defined as the group of related feature to handle major activity in customer business.In this page black box test engineers will perform testing on the functional part of the modules.
What is compatibility testing?

Compatibility testing is a type of testing in which one may have to install the application into multiple number of environments prepared with different combinations of environmental components in order to check whether the application is suitable with these environments or not. This is use usually done to the products.
What is monkey testing ?

Monkey testing is a type of testing in which one will perform some abnormal actions intentionally (wanted) on the application in order to check its stability
What is installation testing ?

Installation testing is a type of testing in which one will install the application in to the environment by following the guidelines given in the deployment document and if the installation is successful the one will come to a conclusion that the guidelines are correct otherwise the guidelines are not correct.
What is Authentication Testing ?

It is a type of testing in which a Test Engineer will enter different combinations of user names and passwords in order to check whether only the authorized persons are accessing the application or not.
What is Static Testing and dynamic Testing ?

Static Testing :This is a type of testing in which one will perform testing on an application or it’s related factors with out doing any actions.
Ex: GUI Testing, Document Testing, Etc…

Dynamic Testing :
In this testing one will perform testing on app or its related factors by doing some actions
Ex : Functionality Testing
What is UAT (User Acceptance Testing) ?

This is case that the user or customer will test the application before accepting or before delivering the application in to production environment .The UAT can be done in two types Aplha testing and Beta testing.
What is 1 tire architecture in System architecture ?

In this architecture all the three layers of application will be maintained in one single machine .when ever application need to be single user and the data need to be shared with any other user / computer then this architecture will be used.
What is 2 tire / client server architecture in System architecture ?

The 3 application layers will be maintained in two different machine in client and server.The presentation layer & business layer will be present in the client & database layer will be present in the server i.e data base server.This application is used when sharing need to be done in between multiple users.
What is integration level testing ?

Once the modules are developing the developers will develop some interfaces and integrate the module with the help of those interfaces while integration they will check whether the interfaces are working fine or not. It is a white box testing and usually developers or white box testers perform it.
What is six sigma ?

Six sigma is process improvement methodology that systematically improves the process and produces the output within the specified specifications.There are basically two methodology, one is DMAIC and the other is DMADV.
What is sigma levels ?

Achieving Six Sigma level of quality means that the product does not have more than 3.4 defects / million opportunities (3.4 DPMO). In IT, this may not be easily achievable and the Six Sigma projects in IT industry focus on reaching around 4 to 5 Sigma levels.
What is port testing ?

Port testing is a type of testing in which one will install the app in to original customer environment(part) and check when suitable to that environment or not is known as port testing.
What is exploratory testing ?

Exploratory testing is a type of testing in which usually the domain expert will perform testing on the applicationby exploring the functionality with having the knowledge of requirements
What is 3 tire architecture ?

The three layers of application will be maintained in three different machines.
for client server , application server and data base server.
Presentation layer will be present in the client .Business layer will be present in the application server and database layer will be present in the data base server
To provide security of the accessed application this type of architecture is used.
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