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What has changed with 12 hive in SharePoint ?

In 12 hive structure, there are 3 New Folders which are added in.
They are:

1) UserCode – This folder is used for the files to support sandboxed solutions .
2) WebClients – This folder is used for the client Object Model.
3) WebServices – This folder is used for the .svc files.
How can be the old custom solutions be re-deployed in SharePoint 2010. What changes are needed to the old Solution files ?

You should rewrite and recompile any code that refers to files and resources in "12 hive".
SharePoint 2010 object model contains many changes and enhancements, but our custom code will still compile and, will run as expected.
How to invite the users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site ?

You can invite the users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site in a secure way by keeping the SharePoint-based Web sites as password-protected to restrict access to registered users, who are invited to join via e-mail.
In addition, the site administrator can restrict certain members' roles by assigning different permission levels to view post and edit.
Is it possible to download information directly from a SharePoint site to a personal digital assistant (PDA) ?

No, it is not possible to download information directly from a SharePoint site to a personal digital assistant (PDA).
But you can exchange contact information lists with Microsoft Outlook.
How much time does it take to set up the initial team Web site ?

It takes only a few minutes to create a complete Web site.
Preformatted forms let you and your team members contribute to the site by filling out lists. Standard forms include announcements, events, contacts, tasks, surveys, discussions and links.
Is it possible to get the domain name for a Web site ?

No, you cannot get the domain name for your website.
At present, there is no such offering of domain names for SharePoint sites.
Explain about picture libraries ?

Picture libraries will allow you to access a photo album and view it as a slide show or thumbnails or a film strip. You can have separate folder for each event, category, etc
Discuss about the security levels which are assigned to users ?

The administrator will assign the Security levels who is adding the user. There are four levels by default which are discussed as follows:

1) Reader - In this level, the user will have read-only access to the Web site.
2) Contributor - The user can add content to existing document libraries and lists.
3) Web Designer - The user can create lists and document libraries and customize pages in the Web site.
4) Administrator - The user will have the full control of the Web site.
Is it possible to link the SharePoint to an external data source ?

SharePoint itself cannot reference an external data source but, SharePoint data can be opened with Access and Excel as an external data source. Thus, SharePoint can be referenced as an external data source.
Does a SharePoint Web site include search functionality ?

Yes, the SharePoint Web site includes the search functionality.
SharePoint Team Services provides a powerful text-based search feature that helps you find documents and information fast.
Explain about Solutions in Sharepoint ?

Solutions are nothing but the container packages for Features. Solution is a cabinet (.cab) file with extension .wsp which contains various components needed to be deployed(features, webparts, custom forms etc) along with files that describe some important metadata about those Components.
Once a Solution is installed on a server in the farm, you can deploy it to any webapplication from your Solution Management.
What is the use of a .ddf file ?

A .ddf file is a data directive file which describes the files need to be deployed and their destination (in SharePoint). .ddf is used when building the SharePoint solution. This file is a parameter to makecab.exe which outputs the wsp file.
What is meant by CAML ?

CAML stands for Collaborative Application Markup Language and is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to define sites and lists for fields, views, or forms etc. CAML is mostly used to write Queries to retrieve data from Lists\libraries.
What is Custom action ?

Custom action represents a link, toolbar button, menu item, or any control that can be added to a toolbar or menu that appears in the UI.
For e.g. "New Folder" button in your document library is a custom action or "View All Site Content" in your Site Settings is a custom action.
What is meant by a SharePoint Theme ?

A Theme is a group of files (CSS, images) that allow you to define the appearance (look and feel) of content pages in SharePoint. A Theme defines the design of various components.
For e.g. Content Page background-color,button color,webpart title color etc to give a different look and feel to your site.
What is BDC ?

BDC stands for Business Data Catalog. It is a shared service that enables Office SharePoint Server 2007 to display business data from various back-end servers into a SharePoint page. It also provides built-in support for displaying data with various webparts and list\list columns that can help in easy creation of dashboards with data from your SQL, web services, SAP, Siebel, or any other line-of-business (LOB) applications.
What is meant by Central administration ?

The Central Administration is a site used by admins to mange and configure settings for SharePoint web applications or the whole farm.
What are event receivers or event Handlers in SharePoint ?

Event Receivers or Event handlers are created to handle the basic actions or events against an item,list\library, a web or a site.
There are two kinds of events in sharepoint. They are:
1) Synchronous Events: Like Itemadding (not added yet), Uploading (document not uploaded yet) etc.
2) Asynchronous Events: ItemAdded (after item is added), Uploaded(after a document is uploaded)

Events receivers can be written to override an event.
For e.g. ItemAdded event to change the name of an Item once it is added.
What is meant by stsadm ?

It is a Command-line tool used for administration of Office SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS 2007) servers and sites. Basic operations like adding a solution or installing activating and feature is usually done by stsadm.
Where is stsadm located ?

The stsadm is located in the below given path.
C:\Program Files\Common Files\ shared\web server extensions\12\bin
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