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Does One Web Application can have multiple Application Pool ?

No. Every Web Application should have one Application Pool. Bydefault it is "DefaultAppPool ".
Which version of IIS is available in Windows Server 2008 ?

IIS 7.0 .

Even Vista Home Premium and Ultimate edition is also having IIS 7.0
How we can save an Application Pool Settings?

Application Pool Settings can be save as "XML" Format.

Right Click on Application Pool > All Task > Save Configuration to a File .

This will save all the settings of Application Pool as an XML file.We can make it password protected also.
Which Tool is used for Remote IIS Debugging ?

Tools is : msvsmon.exe

This is located at : Install path\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger\x86
What are the different authentication mode available for IIS Remote Debugging ?

For IIS Remote Debugging msvsmon supported two authentication mode

1. Windows Authentication
2. No-Authentication
How can we get the list of worker process running in IIS along with the Application pool name ?

By running iisapp.vbs script from command Prompt.

Below are the steps :
1. Start > Run > Cmd
2. Go To Windows > System32
3. Run cscript iisapp.vbs
If there are multiple worker process running on IIS, then how can you attach a particular worker process for application ?

Well, If there are multiple worker process running in IIS, it means I have to know the name of my application pool. Then I can run cscript iisapi.vbs script to find out the process ID and Application Pool name . Based on the process Id for particular application I have to attache the process from Visual studio IDE.
Why do we need to IIS Remote Debugging ?

There are following reasons where we can use remote debugging
1. Your development server does not have IIS installed.
2. Development server and Build/Released/Hosting Server is different
3. Multiple user want to debug simultaneously.
Does IIS allows multiple user to Remote debug simultaneously ?

Yes. This is one of the great features of msvsmon.exe . Each instance of the remote debugger has a unique server name.we can give an instance of the remote debugger any server name. Now multiple user can able to access the server instance.
What is the use of aspnet_regiis -i command ?

This is used automatically register the .NET Framework with your IIS.

For more information :
Can we have multiple web sites on IIS ?

Yes. IIS Can have multiple web sites and Each and every web sites can have multiple virtual Directory.

Note : Here web sites means the Root Node.
Where is the default location for IIS Log files ?

What is ISAPI Filter ?

This is one of the more important question for experienced guys.

Please read this in details.
What are the major innovation in IIS 7.0 ?

Below are the Major Innovation in IIS 7.0
Components are designed as module and there are major change in administration settings.
FYI : You can find out many of them, just go thorugh Microsoft IIS web site.
What is the Role of Windows Activation Process in IIS ?

WAP is the Controller of Worker process under a Application Pool. Windows Activation Process which is managed by the worker process by starting, stopping and recycling the application pool. When to start, stop and Recycle should be defined on Application Pool Settings. Activation Process is also responsible for Health Monitor of Application Pool during runtime.

FYI : Health monitoring setting can be easily found in Properties of Application Pool.
What are the different type of application pool available in IIS 7.0 ?

IIS 7.0 having two types of application pool.

1. DefaultAppPool (Integrated)
2. ClassicAppPool
Which is not an Identity of Application Pool ?

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Which application pool having maximum privilege on the server ?

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What is name of default application pool in IIS ?

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What are the worker process for IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0 ?

For IIS 5.1 > aspnet_wp.exe
For IIS 6.0 > w3wp.exe
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