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Which DLL is used to translate XML to SQL in Internet Information Services (IIS) ?

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What is the purpose of IIS application pools?

We use applicaiton pools for isolation purpose. Every application within an application pool used the same worker process. Each worker process operates as a separate instance of the worker process executable, W3wp.exe, the worker process that services one application pool is separated from the worker process that services another.

In simplest words we use applicaiton pools for ISOLATION purpose.
what is Windows Process Activation Service ?

The Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) provides process activation, resource management and health management services for message-activated applications. It manages application pool configuration and the creation and lifetime of worker processes for HTTP and other protocols (net.tcp,net.pipe,net.msmq)

Details : http://techprudent.com/the-windows-process-activation-service/
MSDN : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc735229%28WS.10%29.aspx
What are the Different Authentication Methods(Using Windows Authentication) which are provided by IIS ?

Generally IIS provides four different kinds of Authentication Methods they are :

Anonymous Method

If we select this authentication, IIS doesn't perform any authentication so that any one can access the application.

Basic Method

If we select this method, the user who access the application should provide windows username and password to access the application. Although this is sent through a network by transmitting direct text so it it very insecure.

Digest Method

This method is almost equal to Basic method but the difference is the password is hashed before it is transmitted through out a network.

Windows Integrated Method

In this the application uses the Kerberos protocol to validate(Authenticate) the user. This uses a Secret key cryptography which provides strign authentication for Client/Server applications.
How can we check whether IIS is being installed in my system or not?

To verify if IIS is installed or not we need to go to ’Add or Remove Programs’ utility in the Control panel and click on the ’Add/Remove Windows Components’ in the side menu.

There we must locate an item called "Internet Information Services (IIS)". If this is checked, IIS should be installed.

So that you can have your IIS installed in your system if it is not installed
How will you call a Website from another computer connected in LAN?

In order to call a website from another computer in LAN.We will have to Host the Website in one Machines in the LAN and provide it a Static Private IP.

Once we are done with, we can treat it as a dummy server.

Once the website is hosted then we can call the website from the Private static IP of the machine in which the web app is hosted.

Eg :- if the web app is named as abc and the private IP is

then from another machine we can call the app as
What are the different ways that a Web Site can be Hosted on IIS?

A Website can be Hosted on IIS either by creating a Virtual Directory through IIS manager or Using Folder Web Sharing facility offerd by O.S.
Apart from that Visual Studio provides some inb-uilt features to host the site on IIS like using Publishing the web site,Using Copy web Tool or Creating Virtual directory during the creation of project by choosing Location as HTTP.
Which DLL translates or converts XML to SQL in IIS?

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Why do we require to have IIS Remote Debugging?

There are certain reasons where we have a requirement to have remote debugging as:-
1. Our development server does not have IIS installed.
2. Our Development server and Build/Released/Hosting Server is different.
3. Multiple users want to debug simultaneously.
4. Our applications located in centralized location.
Can we host multiple web sites on IIS?

Yes. we can host multiple web sites on IIS and we have to create a Virtual Directory for each and every web sites So that each and every web application will point to different different Virtual Directory.
Note : Here,web sites means the Root folder which is generally in C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
Where does the Virtual Directory locate?

Virtual Directory is located in the following location:-
Where Drive is our C: or D: or any drive.
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