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Name of the tool which is used for remote debugging of IIS

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What is Web Farm ?

This is one of the most question in IIS. And along with that interviewer can as what is the different between Web farm and Web Garden ?

When we hosted our web Application on multiple web server under a load balancer call the Web Farm. This is generally used for heavy load web application where there are many user request at a time. So When Web Application is hosted on Different IIS Server over a load balancer, Load balancer is responsible for distribute the load on different server.

Please have a look into this :
How can we set the default page for any web application ?

We can set the default page for a web site from the Virtual Directory Setting.
How To :
IIS Manager > Virtual Directory > Right Click > Properties > GoTo Document Tab.
How we can set the Idle Time out of an worker process ?

We can set the Idle time out for an worker process from Application Pool Properties.

In Performance Tab of Application pool, we can set the Idle Time out of the worker process. This means worker process will shut down after that given time period if it stay idle. And will again wake up again if a new request comes.
Is there any alternative way to host site on IIS rather than opening IIS Manager ?

Yes, We can directly host any site from the physical location of directory itself.

Right Click on Physical Folder > Properties > Web Sharing

There you need to select > "Share This Folder" Option Button. Then it will ask for alias name and other setting. Then Click on OK.

To Validate : Run > Inetmgr > Check there should an virtual directory with the same "Alias" name that you have given.

If there are already one Virtual directory exist it will showing you the error message while you providing the "Alias" name.
Can we create one Application Pool From Another Application Pool ?

Yes. We can.
While creating Application Application Pool From IIS, there should have two option available first one is for Default Setting and Another is for Existing Setting as template.
We can select the second one and from the drop down listed below we can select any on the Application Pool as Template,.
What are the main components of SVCHost.exe ?

Main components for SVCHost.exe are WWW Publishing Service (W3SVC) and Windows Activation Porcess (WAP) .

W3SVC is the mediator of HTTP.SYS and Windows Activation Process. Windows Activation Process maintain the worker processes.
What are the different way that we can hosted site on IIS ?

We can hosted site on IIS either creating Virtual Directory through IIS manager or Using Folder Web Sharing .
Apart from that Visual studio provide some inbuilt features to host the site on IIS like using Publishing the web site , Using Copy web Tool or Creating Virtual directory during the creating the project by choosing Location as HTTP
How does IIS process an ASP.net request ?

When client request for an aspx pages, request comes to kernel level off IIS means to HTTP.SYS . HTTP.SYS receives the request and based on the application pool name [ Which is already registred with the HTTP.SYS ] it send the request to worker process. Windows Activation process works as mediator of them. w3wp.exe loads "aspnet_isapi.dll" files to start the HTTPRuntime . HTTPRuntime creates HTTPApplication objects and all request are passed through HTTPModule and finally reached to HttpHandler . This is the request pipeline. After end of Request pipeline ASP.NET Page lifecycle starts.

For more Information :
From where we can set the Session Time Out in IIS ?

We can set the Session time out settings from the Virtual Directory for that site.

Right Click on Virtual Directory > Properties > Click on "Configuration" Button
Goto the "Option" Tab. There in Enable Session State Section you can configure the Session Timeout .
What are the different "Execution Permission" available for IIS for an virtual directory ?

There are three Execution Permission available.
1. None
2. Scripts Only
3. Scripts and Executable
From where you can change the ASP.NET Version in IIS ?

This can be change from Virtual Directory properties. First open Properties of Virtual Directory > GoTo ASP.NET Version Tab.

There we can have change the ASP.NET Version.
What is the default user name of an anonymous login in IIS?

In IIS, an anonymous user will be given with a user name of "IUSR_MachineName "
How can we take back-ups in IIS Server?

Step 1 : In the IIS (inetmgr), right click on the "Computer" icon under "Internet Information Services" . Click "All Tasks" and select "Backup/Restore Configuration".

Step 2 : Click on button "Create backup". Give Name for your backup file. If you want encryption enable encryption option and give UserName and Password and then click OK.
What is IIS metabase? And In which format IIS stors configurations?

IIS metabase is a special databse which is used to maintain the settings and configurations data for IIS. In simple term, it is a configuration base for IIS (Metabase.xml).

IIS 5.0 --> Metabse is in Binary.
IIS 6.0 & 7.5 --> Metabase is in XML.
List of Error & Status codes in IIS 6.0?

Status Code Type of Code
100 Series - Informational
200 Series - Success
300 Series - Redirection
400 Series - Client Error
500 Series - Server Error
How to recycle application pool from the command prompt in IIS7?

1. Use appcmd.exe to recycle the application pool from the command prompt.

2. appcmd.exe is the command line tool for IIS7, you will find this tool at following location :


3. To recycle your application pool use the following command:
appcmd recycle apppool /apppool.name:<application pool name>
What are the Different steps to be followed to get SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for our Web Application ?

. Intially we have to Generate a certificate request from our IIS

. Now we have to request a certificate from the certificate authority(CA)

. This CA is an entity which issues Digital Certificates.

. After receiving the certificate we have to install that particular certificate on our Web Server using IIS

. We have to use Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTPS) when accessing secure pages in our application.

By this way we could make our web page as SSL protected. !!!
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